Cutting Board Care

To clean, scrub with hot soapy water without submerging, rinse and towel dry.

Let dry for a few hours in a rack or on its side standing up.

It is best to store in a perfectly flat area or standing it up on its side to prevent warping.

Store in a naturally low light lit area.

DO NOT let the board sit long while wet and do not place in a sink full of water.

NEVER wash the cutting board in the dishwasher. Do not use in the microwave or oven or use as a hot plate.

This is natural wood and it will warp and/or crack if water is allowed to soak into the board. The board conditioner will help with this.

DO NOT store in direct light or in a very naturally lit room as this will darken the woods rapidly and the exotic wood will lose their luster and color. UV light darkens all woods. It will also pull the red and purple out of the exotic wood and turn them brown.

For maintenance we recommend using board conditioner, our Homemade Wood Butter, and/or mineral oil. Applying wood butter after the mineral oil seals the pores of the wood and provides an extra layer of protection. See our recommended conditioning instructions below.

If the board is used regularly, we recommend conditioning the board after every couple of uses. If the board is used for display only, we recommend conditioning the board once every 2-3 months.

More or less maintenance may be needed depending on how dry the board gets.

For best long term care, condition anytime the board is starting to look and feel dry.


Conditioning Instructions:

Make sure the board is COMPLETELY dry

  • With your hand, rub a thing layer of mineral oil all over the board; front, back, and sides (a little goes a long way)
  • Let soak overnight to allow the board to absorb the mineral oil. Wipe off excess the next day
  • Using a soft cloth, buff a thin coat of the wood butter onto the wood in a circular pattern
  • Repeat over the entire board, including front, back, and sides
  • Board is now conditioned and ready to use!